Bijou Bespoke

Bijou Bespoke – jewel like holidays filled with sparkle just for you.


Due to popular demand, we’ve created Bijou Bespoke, where you decide what you want from your holiday and we take care of everything else.

Everyone wants a fantastic holiday but sometimes it’s hard to get exactly what you want and need from your trip.

Holidays are special, as your time is precious and you want to enjoy it. You want your holiday to be memorable for all the right reasons.

You want to be looked after whilst retaining your freedom. You need to get the balance right between adventure, experience and relaxation, plus of course, you want to see the best of your destination.

Are you struggling to get exactly what you want from a holiday?

  • You don’t have time to do all the research in order to create something truly perfect
  • You don’t want hassle, you just want enjoyment
  • You don’t want the worry of travelling

Don’t worry, we can help you by creating something totally unique, just for you.

Taking care of you is what we care about

We want to take the hassle out of your trip so you can focus on having a great time. We want you to feel that you have really experienced this part of France without having to endure any problems.

We can create a holiday for you where the following comes as standard:-

  • We pick you up at the airport
  • We drive you to and from the best restaurants
  • We cook for you when you want
  • We leave plenty of time for you time


Unique experiences create the best memories

We have local knowledge and a flair for finding the unique and the unusual. Here are a few examples of what you can sprinkle into your trip to make it even more memorable.

Gin Tastings
We know you will be well aware of wine tastings and perhaps you’ve enjoyed a whisky tasting but we want to offer something different in the way of a gin tasting experience. Learn about the torrid history of this wonderful spirit, how it is made and learn about how to recognise your favourite gin. You will be able to taste 5 different and unique gins from all over Europe with some nibbles to compliment the flavours of each gin.


Wine Tasting Safari
We will create a wonderful expedition where you will visit several vineyards in the region. You will learn about their craft and enjoy tasting their unique wines.

Visit a Local Market with a Local
The local markets are a wonderful place to learn about the French way of life. Celebrate their love of culinary experience and savour their produce. How better to enhance your time at the market than to have your own guided tour with someone from the area.


Parlez-vous Français?
When you immerse yourself in a country, it becomes much easier to learn their language. We can create tailor made lessons where you learn at your own pace from a local person. It’s a fun experience where you will be surprised how much you learn.

Play Pétanque with a Pro
Ever wanted to join in with a game of pétanque in a local village? Watch the local people play then after some tuition and tips, join in with a game


Explore the Countryside in a Vintage Car
Whether it’s a 2CV, an MG or another old favourite, imagine how much fun you will have travelling around the quiet French roads in a classic car.

Art Tour – Meet Local Artists and Sculptures
The area boasts many creative people who will be only too happy to meet you and show you their talent. You will gain an understanding of what inspires them, what techniques they use and perhaps even leave with one or two souvenirs from the day.

Take to the Water
The rivers in the area are immense and whether you take to the water in a canoe a smaller boat or the more organised river trips, you will gain a very different perspective of the beauty of the region, from the water.

Meet the Winegrowers and Learn About Their Craft Over Lunch
Wine is incredibly important in the area and no visit to France would be complete without gaining more knowledge about the wine making process. We want to make this experience even more special by arranging for you to spend time with a winegrower, to learn about the highs and lows of being a part of the wine industry in France, over a traditional lunch.


Eat with the Locals
Food plays a very large part in the French way of life. There are a wide range of places to eat from Michelin starred restaurants, to the more rustic venues where ordinary people go for lunch each day and where you will get a glimpse of where convivial and traditional are mixed together.

Doing things differently allows us to help you make your holiday outstanding, so let’s create your perfect trip together.

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