The early bird gets cheep cheep flights



Yes, I know you have barely got your Christmas decorations packed away and your New Year resolutions are still intact…..well hopefully.

It’s a fact that those who book their summer holidays early get more choice and better all round value. In addition, there is the peace of mind factor, knowing that it’s booked and all you need to do is look forward to it.

If you book early then you can enjoy flights that are much cheaper. All the airlines are offering deals at the moment so if you want to have more to spend on your summer holiday then save money by booking your flights now.

Bijou Barn is situated in the south west of France and is surrounded by the following airports, so there is plenty of choice.

Airports near Bijou Barn

  • Toulouse:  80km south-east
  • Bergerac:  85km north-west
  • Brive:  120km north-east
  • Bordeaux:  190km west
  • Limoges:  221km north
  • La Rochelle : 362km north east

Low Cost Airlines flying from the UK




Jet 2 

Here is a breakdown of who flies where

Please note that not all Flybe flights are direct. Please check for more details on their website.

Toulouse Airport

Edinburgh   Birmingham   Glasgow   Guernsey   Jersey   Manchester   Southampton

London Gatwick   London Luton

London Stansted


Bergerac Airport

Bristol   East Midlands   Liverpool   London Stansted

Jet 2
Leeds Bradford

Brive Airport

Liverpool   London Stansted

Bordeaux Airport

Belfast   Bristol   Glasgow   Liverpool   London Gatwick   London Stansted

Edinburgh   London Stansted

Limoges Airport

Belfast City   Dublin   Edinburgh   Glasgow   Guernsey   Jersey   Leeds Bradford   Manchester  Newcastle   Southampton

Bristol   East Midlands   Leeds Bradford   London Stansted   Manchester

La Rochelle Airport

Aberdeen   Belfast   Birmingham   Edinburgh   Glasgow   Leeds Bradford   Manchester Newcastle   Southampton

London Gatwick

London Stansted

The Next Blog Post

If you are planning to drive to Bijou Barn, then my next post is just for you – it’s all about making the drive part of your holiday and ensuring your trip is stress free by suggesting routes, stop overs and interesting places to see on your journey.

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